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Think Stothard provide a total colour measurement and appearance measurement solution to industry. We supply:

HunterLab bench-top colour/color measurement systems that offer the ultimate in sample measurement precision and versatility. Whether your product is large or small, liquid or solid, powder or flake, smooth or textured, one of our bench-top systems will provide the best solution to your sample measurement needs.

Both spectrophotometer and colorimeter systems are available. The spectrophotometers - UltraScan® PRO, UltraScan® VIS, ColorQuest® XE, ColorQuest® XT, LabScan® XE, and ColorFlex® offer greater flexibility when measuring a sample's colour/color or colour/color difference as it would appear under different lighting conditions. In addition to routine quality control, these instruments are also well suited for research and process control applications. All of the spectrophotometers can be used with EasyMatch QC software.

The D25LT Colorimeter is designed to measure very coarse particulate product for routine quality control.