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Paint And Coating Industry

Think Stothard provides colour measurement and appearance measurement solutions that measure reflected and transmitted color/colour of paint and coating products. Our quality control tools give numerical values that correlate to what you see and are ideal for measuring in quality control, continuous process control and color/colour formulation

We use them to measure a wide range of samples including pigments, bases, draw downs, finished product and coated coil.

We look after the complete process for our customers and enable them to specify the colour/appearance, create the colour/appearance and keep the colour/appearance consistant by using either a portable, benchtop or online instrument.

We offer quite an extensive range of colour measurement tools such as benchtop and online instruments that work alongside each other and can report the same values... A bonus when you are trying to keep the production line, inline with Research and development and quality control. Please choose an application note below:


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