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Food and Drink Industry

Food and Drink Applications:
Animal Food Beans & Nuts Beverages Bread & Buns Breakfast Cereal Citrus Juice Coffee Cookies & Crackers Crisps Dressings Dried Fruit Flour & Sugar General Technical Guides Granola Bars Jelly & Jam Meats Oils Other Food Pasta Powders Products Pudding & Yogurt Rice Samples Sauces Soup Spices Syrup Tomato

Chemical Industry

Chemical Applications:
Antifreeze Barium Sulfate Calcium Carbonate Detergent Dioxide Dyes Fertillizer Fiber Filters General Technical Guides Lime Liquids Oil Other Chemicals Pigment Powder Samples Semi-Solid Solvents Titanium

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Applications:
Capsules/Tablets Creams General Technical Guides Lip Balm Liquids Lotions Other Bio-Pharma Powders Samples Syrup Toothpaste

Textile Industry

Textile Applications:
Carpet Dyes Fabric Fiber Filters General Technical Guides Other Textile Package and Bobbin Ribbon Rope Samples Thread Yarn

Building Industry

Building Applications:
Adhesive Cement and Concrete General Technical Guides Glass Grout Laminate Other Building Products Rock Samples Siding Tiles Windows Wood

Paint and Coating Industry

Paint and Coating Applications:
General Technical Guides Road Markings

Paper Industry

Paper Applications:
Board Coated and Uncoated Fine General Technical Guides Other Paper Packaging Plaques Pulp Samples Specialty Tissue

Plastic Industry

Plastic Applications:
Bottles Cellophane Film General Technical Guides Lenses Other Plastics Packaging Parts Pellets Samples Sheet Siding Solvents and Resins


Achromatic colour Angle of incidence Accuracy Absolute reflectance value Absorption Angle of view Attribute Brightness Calibration Chromatic Chromatic attributes Chromaticity Cie 1976 lab colour space Cie chromaticity coordinates (trichromatic coefficients) Cie luminosity function Cie standard observer Cie tristimulus values Cie, commission internationale de l Clarity Cmc Colour attribute Colour constancy Colour difference Colour measurement scale Colour perceived Colour specifications Colorimeter Contrast ratio Delta descriptor Diffuse reflection Diffuse transmission Haze Hitch standards Hue Hunter l,a,b scale Illuminant Instrument standards Light Light source Lightness Metamerism Metamerism index Munsell colour system Nanometer (nm) Object colour Observing conditions Opacity Opponent colours system Perception Perfect diffuse reflector Perfect diffuse transmitter Polychromator Precision Primary light Primary standard Reflectance Reflection Refraction Regular transmittance Repeatability Reproducibility Restandardize Saturation Scattering Secondary standards Shade sorting Spectrocolorimeter Spectrophotometer Spectrum Specular Specular reflectance Standard Standardization Tolerance Total reflection Total transmission Transfer standards Translucency Transmission Transparency Uniform colour scale Wavelength Densitometer Colour sensor Turbidity


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